School Board Election

Three School board seats are up for Election this year. The filing deadline closes at 5:00 p.m. on August 7, 2020.

The regular biennial election for the Arena Union Elementary/Point Arena Joint Union High School District Trustees will take place on November 3, 2020 for the purpose of electing 3 long-term, at large, Governing Board Member positions.

The filing period for our board member vacancies opened July 13, 2020 and closes at 5:00 p.m. on August 7, 2020. Candidates must file with their county clerk of residence. Due to the COVID19 restrictions, Mendocino County residents will find filing information on the Mendocino County Registrar of Voters webpage:…/assessor-county…/elections and by calling (707) 234-6819. Sonoma County residents will find filing information on the Sonoma County Registrar of Voters webpage:…/Registrar-of…/Candidate-Filing/ and by calling (707) 565-6800.

Eligible candidates are those who are all of the following:

a. At least 18 years of age

b. A registered voter in Mendocino or Sonoma Counties

c. Not an employee of the school district.

For more information please contact Lisa Riboli at the School District Office, 707-882-2803.

Fall Term Update

Notes from the Fall 2020 Planning Committee
Thursday, July 23, 2020.

On July 23, 18 people participated in the ZOOM meeting to hear an update on Mendocino County’s guidelines, a review of the Learning From Home Survey and the plans to re-open Point Arena schools with Distance Learning.

Superintendent Galletti reported Mendocino County has a new Health Officer, Andy Coren, and that 4 businesses in the county have seen COVID outbreaks. Point Arena Schools will be starting the school year with distance learning from home.

Galletti reviewed highlights from the Learning from Home (LFH) Survey results submitted by Board Member Visher. The results are from Point Arena High School’s 82 respondents, representing 60% of the students. There were not enough surveys completed from Arena Elementary students to provide valid indicators.
“Most students reported participating in distance learning most days of the week,” summarized Visher. About half of the students did school work from home for 4 – 7 days and 25% worked less than 4 days. More than half said they used on-line video platforms to access teaching 4 or 5 days a week, 12 answered less than 4 days, and 4 never went on-line.

“Although most students participated in distance learning, many felt disengaged and uninterested in the work. On the other hand many said they were motivated to do well,” summarized Visher. 67% of the students reported it was hard for them to focus on schoolwork at home. Cindy Cione suggested headphones may help with distractions. Denise Fisher suggested providing non-graded assignments to help build skills and since students are missing sports come up with on-line clubs like Minecraft and other interactive video games. Galletti reported team sports will all be scrunched into 2 seasons. Basketball and baseball will both start on March 15th. Cristin Allen, middle school teacher at Arena and volleyball coach, has been offering some remote coaching.

“Most students reported having teachers or adults that cared about them but quite a few reported feeling anxious and depressed,” summarized Visher. Many students report good mental health but a significant minority did not, with 67% feeling sad or down in the last month. 78% of respondents have someone they can talk with about their problems.

PAHS Principal Wilkes discussed distance learning plans and will soon publish class schedules. They are looking at successful on-line programs for multi-level courses. Students may have the option of on-line programs and checking in with their teachers or participating in ZOOM classrooms with peers and teachers. The NTN program could continue with teachers assigned 5 students each who will check in weekly. Wilkes said all students will come in individually at the start of school to meet teachers, get their schedules, books and supplies, etc. High school staff are looking at power standards: what students need to know and what is nice to know, and are participating in distance learning centered professional development.

Principle Carson reported staff will teach on-line classes using Google Classroom, ZOOM and small private Facebook groups. Classes can be recorded for families not available during class time. The differentiated Read Live and adaptive individualized Reflex Math computer programs will be used for primary grades plus paper packets will also be available. Cristin Allen added the middle school teachers have a schedule to provide direct live instruction on-line.

Stay Safe!

Fall Update – Safety First

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Mendocino County schools will not function as usual when the academic year begins on August 19.

“The first day of school in Point Arena will not be a normal school day — it’s not an option, we don’t have the choice” said Point Arena Schools Superintendent Warren Galletti last Thursday at the Fall 2020 Planning Committee Meeting.

On July 3, the Mendocino County Department of Public Health mandated students who attend class in a school setting must wear a mask and must remain 6’ away from other students and school staff at all times. This mandate will limit physical class size to a maximum of 11 or 12 students, depending on classroom space.

“We’re left with two choices,” said Galletti. “A hybrid model, where students attend class at school half time and attend distance learning at home half time, or a model where students attend school 100% of the time at home through distance learning.”

The July 9 meeting addressed two “big picture” issues — what the available model choices are and who will be responsible for developing the models. The final model decision details will be made at a second meeting, scheduled for July 23, which will be aided by the availability of more data from the County’s Public Health Officer.

At Thursday’s meeting, teachers, school staff from Arena Elementary, Point Arena High, Pacific Community Charter, and community members were invited to participate by voicing their opinions about the appropriate model for school operation this year.

These 21 attendees included school site Principals and Directors, Certificated and Classified Union representatives, a representative from Mendo Health Alliance and the Point Arena School Site Council and three School Board members who also represent a PAHS and an AE parent, and a retired teacher/union representative. Two of the school board members also serve on the District English Learned Advisory Committee (DELAC) and the Native American Educational Advisory Committee (NAEAC).

Galletti began by explaining the results of two voluntary and anonymous surveys, distributed to all parents and staff of Point Arena Schools.
Both surveys, Galletti pointed out, were administered before the recent spike in new Covid cases. According to the surveys, 60% of the schools’ staff were hesitant or uncomfortable returning to teach at school.

In 115 family surveys, 41% were comfortable sending their kids to school, while 34% were uncomfortable or very uncomfortable. A total of 40% preferred the hybrid model, 37% preferred in person and 22% preferred distance learning.

A total of 13 parents said they would not send their students to a physical school setting. “If we decide on the hybrid model,” said Galletti, “we will have to provide an independent study option.”

The survey provided other insights: “The survey showed me people understand how serious this is. They should be worried. They should be vigilant, use face coverings, and be a part of this conversation,” said Point Arena School Board member and Arena Elementary School student parent Sal Pko Martinez.“I definitely feel our communities are being protected because of what our superintendent is saying today.”

Parent and Point Arena Site Council member, Denise Fisher, said she favored the hybrid model. “The success of this school year depends on how well we roll out distance learning. At the same time, I envision every classroom being on video, at every point in time in the school day, seeing students sitting in physical seats, while students are logging in at home on Zoom.”

The schools are working on getting cameras in every classroom, said Galletti. “Teachers have the capabilities, and students will be expected to attend each scheduled class and see a teacher in front of the classroom.” Fisher said she worried about the at-risk students who need to be at school, face-to face with the teachers and staff who offer a safe, supportive environment. “We need that option!”

A hybrid model can meet the needs of the community, said Galletti. “I know for a fact that distance learning is a challenge for students with IEPs and English language learners, and also for the younger grade level students who need stronger teacher support.”

A 100% distance learning model creates other problems. First grade teacher Kelly Gaona said her working parents encountered serious problems with distance learning. Many parents were unable to make a commitment. “Many are still working and can’t hold to these school schedules. Many of their kids can’t get on the computers by themselves.”

In the future, there are hundreds of details to be figured out, said Galletti, no matter what model is chosen. Choir, for example, isn’t allowed, but the schools’ well-loved music program might continue if students could use the gym, library, or auditorium to practice. “We have to be creative,” said Galletti.
At Thursday’s meeting, he asked the principals to prepare hybrid models for the August 19 school opening; models that “emphasize professional development, in-school support, distance learning, and hold students and staff accountable.”

Both principals will share their model plans with the Committee on July 23.
“Our ultimate goal is to keep everybody safe,” said Galletti. “Our second goal is to educate. If our students aren’t safe, what good would education do?”

For more information, contact the individual school site: Scott Carson, Principal at Arena Union Elementary School, 882-2131; Marty Wilkes, Principal at Point Arena High School, 882-2134; Jennifer Ketring, Management Team Chair, Pacific Community Charter School, 353-0143

Important Survey

The Point Arena Schools District “Planning for Fall Committee” would like you to take a moment to answer 3 questions on the following Survey Monkey link. Your participation in very much appreciated!

Spanish Survey:

English Survey:

fall planning survey

EBT Help

Get help buying food while schools are closed! Families can receive up to $365 per child to spend on groceries in addition to pick up meals from school through a new program called Pandemic EBT or P-EBT.

Visit to learn more!

Además de las comidas escolares, las familias ahora pueden recibir hasta $365 por niño para comprar alimentos bajo el nuevo programa Pandemic EBT (Transferencia Electrónica de Beneficios por una Pandemia, o P-EBT).

¡Visite para obtener más información!

ebt flier

Health Reminder

Mendocino Health Announcement

Mendocino Health Announcement - Espanol

Covid-19 Resources

local community resources headerLow Cost Resources Available
for the South Coast Community
during Shelter-in-Place Order
April 6, 2020



Gualala Food Bank – 2nd and 4th Fridays from 11:00 am-12:30 pm at Gualala Baptist Church. For food requests on non- Food Bank days, please call Mendonoma Health Alliance (MHA) for availability: (707) 412-3176 x103 for English or x106 for Spanish.

Starcross Food Pantry – 1st and 3rd Fridays from 2:00 pm-4:00 pm at Starcross Monastic Community in Annapolis. For food requests on non-Food Bank days, please send a text message to Angela Baker Marquez for availability: (707) 687- 8315.

Point Arena Food Bank*: operated by Coastal Seniors, food bank distribution is the second Tuesday each month from 8:30-10:30 am at the Veterans Building in Point Arena and open to all ages. During the COVID-19 pandemic distribution is provided curbside only. Call (707) 882-2137 or (707) 882-2237 for more information.

Meals to Go*: Coastal Seniors is offering meals to go for seniors, non-seniors and disabled adults Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 11:30-12:30 at the Veterans Building in Point Arena and at the Gualala Community Center. If unable to pick-up, they are offering delivery to seniors and disabled adults along the coast between Irish Beach and Stewart’s Point and inland to Annapolis. Meal prices are $8 suggested voluntary contribution for seniors 60+ and disabled adults, $10 for non-seniors, and $6 for children under 12. Seniors and disabled adults are not denied a meal if unable to contribute toward the meal cost. Call (707) 882-2137 or (707) 882-2237 for more information.

Meals on Wheels*: Coastal Seniors’ Meals on Wheels program is delivering on Mondays and Wednesdays and recipients receive seven meals each week. Seniors aged 60+ and disabled adults are not denied meals if unable to contribute toward the meal cost. Call (707) 882-2137 or (707) 882-2237 for more information.

MHA is providing grocery shopping and delivery for the community. Orders can be placed Monday-Thursday with same day delivery if orders are received between 9am-12pm. Maximum 15 item limit. To place an order, send an email
to or call (707) 412-3176 x102 for English or x106 for Spanish.

Grocery Shopping and Delivery: Coastal Seniors has volunteers available to assist seniors aged 60+ and disabled adults with grocery shopping at all of the local grocery stores and markets. Delivery is included at no cost. Call 707-882-2137 or 707-882-2237 for more information.

Mendocino County WIC is now offering appointments remotely! For new mothers with nursing babies and for children under the age of 3. No in-person appointments. No citizenship documents required to apply. For more information call Maria Hurtado (707) 964-7106.

Point Arena students: Point Arena Schools will provide meals for our students. Meals will be provided in a “drive thru” format at the following times and locations. Every child meal will include a lunch and a breakfast, but the child must be present to receive the meals.






Point Arena Reservation

Head Start Parking Lot

Tom Craig

11:45 am-12:00 pm

Bower Park

Parking Lot

Sherry Baker

11:50 am


Sherry Baker

11:50 am-12:15 pm

Mary Star of the Sea

Joann Enos

11:50 am

Manchester Reservation

Garcia Court

Tom Craig

12:10 pm-12:30 pm

Point Arena Cafeteria

Point Arena High School

Denise Souza (contact person)

11:35 am-12:00 pm

Deer Trail – The Sea Ranch

Board Member Mary Visher

12:05 pm

Breakfast shall include a bagel or muffin, cereal/continental breakfast. Lunch shall include a sandwich, fruit, milk, and chips. Both the Box Lunch/Breakfast shall be included in each “pick-up” item.

Financial Assistance

Funds for undocumented individuals – Not active yet. Contact Action Network for more information: (707) 884-5413 for English or (707) 884-5414 for Spanish.

Gasoline vouchers are available. Contact Action Network for more information: (707) 884-5413 for English or (707) 884- 5414 for Spanish.

Resources for Families & Children

Backpacks with activities for children, diapers and potty chairs are available, while supplies last. Chrome Books for students in need that to do not have access to computer or internet -contact Action Network for more information: (707) 884-5413 for English, (707) 884-5414 for Spanish, or to reach Natalie Berg directly, call (707) 367-6433.

County of Mendocino Court Free Legal Help – By Appointment Only – located at Action Network Gualala. Can assist with child custody and support, restraining orders, small claims, guardianship and other family law matters. Contact Action Network 707-884-5413 to make an appointment

Natalie Berg and Jo Majorana are offering supportive talks with adults and youth to help with the emotional impact of the pandemic. Contact Action Network for more information: (707) 884-5413 for English, (707) 884-5414 for Spanish.

Counseling Services: Miles Clark, MFT Arena Schools Behavioral Health Counselor 20 School Street Point Arena, CA 95468 707-489-3207

Project Sanctuary currently offers: Crisis-counseling (707) 961-1507 (M-F 8:30-4:30), * 24/7 Crisis and Support Line_(707) 964-4357, * Domestic Violence Counseling (Phone/Video), * Sexual Assault Counseling (Phone/Video), *Restraining Order Assistance, * Emergency Shelter, *Safety Planning, * Support for a survivor’s loved ones

Point Arena students: Point Arena Schools will provide meals for our students. Meals will be provided in a “drive thru” format. Every child meal will include a lunch and a breakfast, but the child must be present to receive the meals. Breakfast shall include a bagel or muffin, cereal/continental breakfast. Lunch shall include a sandwich, fruit, milk, and chips. Both the Box Lunch/Breakfast shall be included in each “pick-up” item. Please reference the delivery schedule above for times and locations of meal deliveries.


Firewood Delivery*: Coastal Seniors is providing firewood to seniors aged 60+ and disabled adults at no cost and delivery is included. Call (707) 882-2137 or (707) 882-2237 for more information.

Crisis-counseling (707) 961-1507 (M-F 8:30-4:30), * 24/7 Crisis and Support Line_(707) 964-4357, * Domestic Violence Counseling (Phone/Video), * Sexual Assault Counseling (Phone/Video), *Restraining Order Assistance, * Emergency Shelter, *Safety Planning, * Support for a survivor’s loved ones

Transportation*: Coastal Seniors operates two buses and they are providing local transportation to medical appointments and to complete essential errands. They are providing service to Santa Rosa, Fort Bragg and Ukiah for medical appointments only. Available for seniors aged 60+ and disabled adults. Call (707) 882-2137 or (707) 882-2237 for more information.

Resources over the phone

Action Network is offering weekly check-in calls for isolated seniors and adults. Contact Jo Majorana: (510) 926-9230 or

Natalie Berg: (707) 367-6433 for more information (English and Spanish options available). Domestic violence resources and support is available. Contact Natalie Berg: (707) 367-6433 with Action Network for more information (English and Spanish options available).

Coordination of Resources and Health Care Needs

MHA can help with prescription medication pick-up from the pharmacy and drop off to your home as well as assisting with any other questions or concerns. Call: (707) 412-3176 x103 for English or x106 for Spanish.

Additional Information and Resources:

Hubs & Routes — Jennifer Kreger, MD
Here are numbers for some of the most commonly used clinics:

Redwood Coast Medical Group – 707-884-4005

North Coast Family Health Center – Fort Bragg 707) 961-4631

Mendocino Coast Clinics – Fort Bragg (707) 964-1251

Fort Bragg Rural Health Center – Fort Bragg (707) 964-0259

Redwood Coast Medical Services – (707) 884-4005

Redwood Coast Medical Services Point Arena – (707) 882-1704
Sonoma County Indian Health Project (near Point Arena) – (707) 521-4545
Anderson Valley Health Center – (707) 895-3477
NCMA Internal & Family Medicine — Mendocino (707) 937-1055



We are offering Free Public Wifi Hotspots at numerous locations along the coast:

Gualala Point Park – visitor center
Gualala Point Park Campground
Gualala Arts Center – campus-wide (indoors and outdoors) Hotel Breakers
Sea Cliff Motel
JR Home and Auto Care
Main Street Point Arena
Point Arena Library
Point Arena Elementary School
Point Arena Pier
Point Arena High School (being repaired)
Manchester State Campground
Manchester Grange Hall
Elk Community Center
Elk Museum
Elk Greenwood School
Albion Fire (being repaired)

*For a Spanish interpreter, contact MHA (707) 412-3176 x106

Distance Learning

Mendocino County District Office MastheadDistance Learning Extended Through the End of the School Year

MENDOCINO COUNTY, CA – Based on recommendations from Governor Gavin Newsom and State Superintendent Tony Thurmond, Mendocino County public schools just announced the extension of distance learning through the end of the school year for the safety of students and staff, and to allow families to plan for long-term homeschooling, according to Mendocino County Superintendent of Schools Michelle Hutchins.

In a letter to county superintendents this week, Supt. Thurmond said, “[Not returning to the classroom] is in no way to suggest that school is over for the year, but rather we should put all efforts into strengthening our delivery of education through distance learning.”

Hutchins noted that public schools are an essential service, and as such they will continue to provide educational instruction, meals, and other support to students, depending on district resources.

The long-term impact of modified learning related to COVID-19 is still unknown, but the California Department of Education is regularly updating their guidance to California schools, including recent announcements that California’s public university systems are relaxing admission requirements and will work with California school districts to ensure that students are not penalized for coronavirus-related disruptions.

In the meantime, Hutchins said, “We will continue to collaborate with Mendocino County Public Health. If the situation changes and it’s safe for students to return to the classroom, we’ll do so, but I do not expect this to be the case. I know this is hard for everyone. I remain impressed with and grateful to local teachers and administrators who are facing this challenge with grace while coming up with creative solutions. And my heart goes out to parents who find themselves overwhelmed by the need to serve simultaneously as full-time, stay-at-home workers and homeschoolers. Please remember, parents, that teachers remain available to support you and your student.”

Hutchins promised to provide updates as they become available. For details about modified learning schedules, meal delivery, access to educational material, and more, contact your local school district.

The Mendocino County Office of Education is a public agency whose primary purpose is to provide educational leadership, resources and services to schools to ensure wide-ranging educational opportunities for all students.


Aprendizaje a Distancia Extendido Hasta el Final del Año Escolar

CONDADO DE MENDOCINO, CA – Basado en las recomendaciones del gobernador Gavin Newsom y el superintendente el estado Tony Thurmond, las escuelas públicas del Condado de Mendocino acaban de anunciar la extensión del aprendizaje a distancia hasta el final del año escolar para la seguridad de los estudiantes y el personal, y para permitir que las familias planifiquen para la educación en el hogar a plazo largo, según la Superintendente de Escuelas del Condado de Mendocino, Michelle Hutchins.

En una carta a los superintendentes del condado esta semana, el Supt. Thurmond dijo: “[No regresar a los salones] no es una forma de sugerir que la escuela haya terminado para el año, sino que debemos hacer todos los esfuerzos para fortalecer nuestra educación a través del aprendizaje a distancia”.

Hutchins notó que las escuelas públicas es un servicio esencial y continuarán a dar instrucción educativa, comidas y otro tipo de apoyo a los estudiantes, dependiendo de los recursos del distrito.

Todavía se desconoce el gran impacto del aprendizaje modificado relacionado con COVID-19, pero el Departamento de Educación de California actualiza periódicamente su orientación a las escuelas de California, incluidos los recientes anuncios de que los sistemas de universidades públicas de California están relajando los requisitos de admisión y trabajarán con la escuela de California distritos para asegurar que los estudiantes no sean penalizados por interrupciones relacionadas con el coronavirus.

Mientras tanto, Hutchins dijo: “Continuaremos colaborando con la Salud Pública del Condado de Mendocino. Si la situación cambia y es seguro para los estudiantes regresar a los salones, lo haremos, pero no espero que sea así. Sé que esto es difícil para todos. Sigo impresionada y agradecida con los maestros y administradores locales que enfrentan este desafío con gracia al mismo tiempo que aportan soluciones creativas. Y mi corazón está con los padres que se sienten abrumados por la necesidad de servir simultáneamente como trabajadores a tiempo completo y escuela en casa. Por favor recuerden, padres, que los maestros permanecen disponibles para apoyarlos a usted y a su estudiante “.

Hutchins prometió dar actualizaciones a medida que estén disponibles. Para obtener detalles

sobre horarios de aprendizaje modificados, entrega de comidas, acceso a material educativo y más,

comuníquese con su distrito escolar local.

La Oficina de Educación del Condado de Mendocino es una agencia pública que su objetivo principal es dar liderazgo educativo, recursos y servicios a las escuelas para garantizar una amplia variedad de oportunidades educativas para todos los estudiantes.

School Closure Update

Mendocino County District Office MastheadMarch 30, 2020

Dear Mendocino County School Families, Community, and Employees:

In accordance with the Mendocino County Public Health Department’s March 24, 2020 Order extending the shelter-in-place “until further notice,” the Mendocino County Office of Education and the county’s public school districts are extending modified or “remote” learning through May 1, 2020. Consequently, school facilities shall remain closed to students for in-person classroom instruction through that time. As the situation evolves, we will reassess to see whether the May 1 date should be extended further. As of now, high school graduation dates remain in place countywide.

We are proud of our teachers and administrators who have risen to the challenge of radically altering how they provide instruction, providing modified education to students at home with little notice. We also deeply appreciate the classified staff who are keeping students fed and facilities disinfected.

This situation is hard for everyone. While parents juggle their children’s needs with their family’s economic realities, and students adjust to a new landscape full of uncertainty, many teachers are balancing the need to care for their own children while they simultaneously adapt educational materials so students remain engaged in distance learning.

Please remain patient with one another, help one another, and grow together. For details about modified learning schedules, meal delivery, access to educational material, and more, contact your local school district.


Michelle Hutchins, Superintendent Mendocino County Schools


30 de marzo de 2020

Estimadas familias, comunidad y empleados de la escuela del Condado de Mendocino:

De acuerdo con la Orden del Departamento de Salud Pública del Condado de Mendocino del 24 de marzo de 2020 que extiende el orden de “Quedarse en Casa” “hasta nuevo aviso”, la Oficina de Educación del Condado de Mendocino y los distritos de escuelas públicas del Condado están extendiendo el aprendizaje modificado o “aprendizaje a distancia” hasta el 1 de mayo 2020. En consecuencia, las escuelas permanecerán cerradas a los estudiantes para la instrucción en persona hasta ese momento. A medida que la situación cambie, volveremos a evaluar si la fecha del 1 de mayo se debe extender aún más. A partir de ahora, las fechas de graduación de la escuela secundaria permanecen vigentes en todo el condado.

Estamos orgullosos de nuestros maestros y administradores que se han enfrentado al desafío en la forma en que ofrecen instrucciones y ofrecen educación modificada a los estudiantes en el hogar, con poca notificación. También apreciamos profundamente al personal clasificado que mantiene a los estudiantes alimentados y las escuelas desinfectadas.

Esta situación es difícil para todos. Mientras los padres mantienen las necesidades de sus hijos con las realidades económicas de su familia, y los estudiantes se adaptan a un nuevo modo lleno de incertidumbre, muchos maestros están mantenido la necesidad de cuidar a sus propios hijos mientras que preparan los materiales educativos para que los estudiantes sigan participando en el aprendizaje a distancia.

Por favor, sigan siendo pacientes unos con otros, ayúdense para crecer juntos. Para obtener mas información sobre horarios de aprendizaje modificados, entrega de comidas, acceso a material educativo y más, comuníquese con su distrito escolar local.


Michelle Hutchins, Superintendente
Mendocino County Schools


Shelter in Place

mendocino county public health logosMendocino County Public Health Officer Issues Shelter-In-Place Order ~ Stay home except for essential needs


On March 17, 2020, Mendocino County’s Public Health Officer announced a Public Health Order that states residents shall stay home except for essential needs, beginning at 10:00 p.m. on Wednesday, March 18, 2020 effective through 11:59 p.m. on April 7, 2020.

On March 19, 2020, Governor Newsom issued an immediate Executive Order, requiring all Californians to shelter in their place of residence, except as necessary to maintain or access critical systems and services. The County Health Officer’s March 17, 2020 Order remains in effect. We urge all residents to closely follow the restrictions in both the County and State Orders.

What does it mean to “shelter in place”?
The term “shelter-in-place” means to stay in your home and not leave unless necessary. The term “shelter-in-place” means to stay in your home and not leave unless necessary for one of the designated exceptions listed in the Order. Everyone shall stay home to slow the spread of the virus. You should limit your movements to essential outings. Allowable reasons to leave your home are to get food, to fill a prescription, to see a doctor, to go to work if your work is essential as defined in the Order, to take your child(ren) to and from childcare that is authorized under the order, and to help people you care for get the things they need to live, be healthy and stay safe.

The County’s Public Health Order requires people to stay home except for essential needs:

  • Everyone should stay home except to go to the grocery store and gas station.
  • Caring for a relative or friend.
  • Getting necessary health care.
  • Going to an essential job.
  • Things you can do:
  • It is OK to go outside for walks if you are not in a group.
  • Stay at least 6 feet apart when leaving your home for essential activities.
  • The Mendocino County order is in effect through April 7. It may be extended depending
  • on recommendations from public health officials.
  • The Governor’s Order is in place until further notice.

It’s important to note vulnerable populations must stay home (older adults, individuals with serious chronic medical conditions, individuals with compromised immune systems).

Why are we doing this?

This is a critical intervention to reduce harm from the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in our community. This is a mandatory order. Now is the time to do everything we can to prevent the situation from getting much worse in the upcoming days or weeks. Every hour counts. We need and appreciate the cooperation of everyone who lives and works in Mendocino County to act immediately. Please be patient and kind to one another. Together, we will get through this, and our community’s health will be protected.

Questions? Call Center: (707) 234-6052 or email The call center is open daily from 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.