Parent Portal


Dear Parents/Guardians,

GREAT NEWS! Arena Elementary School now offers a parent portal for fourth through eighth grade students in our Aeries student information database.

The Parent Portal access to kindergarten through third grade is on its way and available this Spring 2017!

Our goal is to have all Arena parents and guardians participate in the parent portal.

This portal gives parents/guardians a wonderful way to access to their child’s educational progress and status through our secure database. You will be able to view attendance and grade information as well as demographics, emergency contacts, medical history and other school related notices.

The use of our school database is strictly limited to authorized account holders ONLY and secured with your personal password to protect your child’s privacy.

Before you can create an account, you need the following information:

  1. Your personal Email account
  2. A valid home phone number as it appears at the school site. (If the phone number appearing on this form has changed, please contact the school office FIRST to update your child’s information.)
  3. Your child’s student permanent ID number, and verification code number provided by the school office. (If you have not received a letter from the school office with the mentioned code, please contact us as soon as possible to open your parent portal).

Creating New Accounts on the Aeries Parent Portal:

  1. Log into the parent portal website at:
  2. Select “Create New Account” on the lower left part of the login page.
  3. Step 1/Account Type-Parent/Guardian
  4. Step 2/Account Information- Enter email address twice and password of your choice twice. This will generate a verification email from to your personal email account. Before continuing, please add this email address to your contacts or safe senders list, to ensure you receive this email.
  5. On your personal email account, open the verification email and get the email code OR click on “Confirm this mail address” link. (If you confirm the email address, you will not need to enter the email code.)

Adding a student to your Arena Parent Portal Account:

  1. Login into your Parent Portal account
  2. On the Home screen, click on “Change Student”
  3. Select “Add New Student to Your Account”
  4. Enter student permanent ID, home telephone number and the verification code provided by Arena Elementary School
  5. Select your name or click “none of the above”
  6. Click add another student if you have more than one student

We hope this access will be helpful to you. If you have difficulty accessing your account, please contact the school office at 707 882-2131 ext. 202.


Bernie Maul, Administrative Assistant II/School Secretary

Arena Elementary School