Smart Phone Policy

SMART PHONES – Rules and Guidelines Change

Rationale for the Change: I want to inform the community that we have had problems at the middle school with students’ use of smart phones and social media during school hours that have disrupted the learning environment. These incidents have included students taking photos of each other or staff without permission, texting each other during class, cheating on tests, looking at inappropriate content online and cyber bullying through social media. Many of the students who have disrupted their class with their use of cell phones become very argumentative when asked to put their phones away or to give them to their teacher.

Here’s an interesting video on tech’s effect on children’s brains:

New Rules: We’ve banned their use in the dining hall effective March 5. We will be banning their use on the schoolyard effective March 12. Students will be allowed to bring their cell phones to school and may use them if a teacher or staff gives them permission.

1st Offense: Students who break the cell phone rules will have their cell phones confiscated for the first offense and returned to them at the end of the school day.

2nd Offense: For the second offense, parents or guardians will have to request that the phone be returned to the student.

3rd Offense: For the third offense, a parent or guardian will have to pick the phone from the office.

We’re hoping that we will be able to work with parents and guardians to help our children to use smart phones and other devices in a positive manner and avoid some of the negative downsides of technology. Our previous policy of letting students to use cell phones during their recesses and only intervening when there was a reported problem was ineffective maintaining an effective learning environment.