AUES Facilities




Arena Union Elementary was built in 1941. Additions and upgrades throughout the last 68 years have resulted in a campus that now has 22 classrooms, a renovated science lab/ classroom, a multipurpose room, staff lounge, and office.








A beautiful new library building and a new dining hall building have been completed. There is a large, newly paved playground and grass field. Using a State Modernization Grant and the State School Deferred Maintenance Program, we have been able to renovate five of our classrooms, the multipurpose room, hallways, and office spaces. In addition, we were able to re‐roof the multipurpose room and main building, repair the walkways, and build new student bathrooms.

School and grounds beautification is ongoing. The maintenance and operations staff work daily from 6am‐ 8pm, various shifts, and do an outstanding job of ensuring the campus is clean, safe and a functional environment for learning. The school’s liability insurance carrier inspects the campus annually for safety.

The District participates in the State School Deferred Maintenance Program, which provides state matching funds on a dollar‐for‐dollar basis, to assist school districts with expenditures for major repair or replacement of existing school building components.

Typically, this includes roofing, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, electrical systems, interior or exterior painting, and floor systems.