Blue Shield / Staywell

The 2017-2018 Blue Shield Explanation of Benefits Coverage Booklet – Active & Retiree as well as the Summary Booklets are available at the link below.  Staywell Newsletters are also posted here:

Log on to your Blue Shield Portal:
Claims are now available for the Fiscal Year and there are additional tabs for where you are at with your deductible and co-payment maximum

Don’t forget all of the other features you can find on your Blue Shield CA Portal

*In Network Physicians and Facilities
*Treatment Cost Estimator
*Nurse Help 24/7
*View/Request new ID cards
*Phone numbers for live help

Wellness Information

Staywell – self-funded insurance plan – incentive to be healthy to help keep overall prices lower (6% rate increase this year)

Wellvolution – the Wellness program that encourages members to be active and healthy

Rewards for being active – monetary rewards as well as health rewards

Register through and sign up for Walkadoo
*Every member and spouse receiving benefits are eligible to receive a free Fitbit Zip – Sign up through Walkadoo and order your free Fitbit zip –

Walkadoo will run from August 1 through Nov 30 – earn 30K points during that time and receive a $50 incentive reward card –  there will be a 2nd opportunity to earn the reward from January 1, 2018 through April 30, 2018

  • Rewards will be either a Visa or Master Card –
  • Overall contest points will be tracked by Traci @ MCOE (monthly points reports will be provided by Blue Shield to Traci
  • You can also track your own points by accessing the “Programs” page (through Walkadoo) – reward cards will be issued at the end of each program (December and May)
  • ValHealth will run concurrently with our Walkadoo program – two contests
    • October 6 – November 3
    • March 2 – March 30, 2018
      • you don’t need to do anything additional to be eligible for the ValHealth contest- if you are participating in the Walkadoo contest, you will automatically be entered. During the ValHealth contest, if you earn 500 points in Walkadoo (during the 4, one week contests), you will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a $20 or $250 reward in a random drawing
      • You can track your points by following the instructions on the handout but instead of clicking on My Benefits, click on My Rewards, and then Visit Site
    • Rewards will be issued by ValHealth and will be Amazon Gift Cards

Other Programs Available To Us Through Blue Shield


  • Diabetes Prevention – goal of the program is to help us become healthier and reduce our risk of Diabetes.
  • Available to all August 11, 2018
  • Several Programs Available
    • Take quick survey
    • If eligible, you will receive free coaching from 16 weeks to ?
    • Some of the programs available are:
      • Noom
      • HealthSlate
      • Yes
      • Retrofit
      • Transform
      • Lark


  • 24/7/365 access to a doctor via computer/Mobile Device/Facebook/Telephone
  • $40 Co-pay (applies toward your annual deductible)
  • Use instead of visiting your primary physician for routine and non-emergency visits
  • Teladoc can provide your visit info to your primary care physician with your consent
  • Sign up before you need to use it –
  • MoreHealth – Offering second opinions when faced with a serious and potentially life-changing illness (cancer, heart disease etc.) No additional charge to members


  • Credit Monitoring
  • Identity Theft Monitoring
  • Identity Repair


  • Nurse Help Line 24/7 877-304-0504
  • Telehealth – (virtual doctor, registered nurse assists with apt)

Blue Shield Policy Updates


Delta Dental Coverage