Welcome to Point Arena High School, 
As Point Arena High School Pirates, we are inspired by the attitude, sophistication and energy of Point Arena High School students who take ownership of their learning. As a staff, we recognize our responsibility to support academic and social characteristics which support all students to be successful post high school, as they work to attain their dreams in a career, at a college or within the community. We recognize that successful PAHS students are engaged and actively realize their potential or dreams.

Staff members encourage urgency in learning and invite students to engage daily as they acquire knowledge and apply this knowledge to establish and augment connections with our precious community. As a team, we continue to seek opportunities to collaborate and we actively learn how to increase the level of intense and focused support, and instruction for all students.

As a New Tech Network School, we embrace the opportunity to collaborate and integrate learning through Project and Problem Based Learning. These methods provide access to Progressive Learning for all PAHS students.

Access to New Tech Network tools: coaching and collaboration support PAHS staff and students to grow and advance to a heightened level of learning and instruction. We recognize we must support all PAHS students to develop the characteristics necessary to take ownership of their academic and social growth so they may enter their career, college and civic lives with focus and purpose.

Our Why?

We recognize we must increase the number of students who enter post high school with direction, hope and realization of the possibility to fulfill their dreams.

I invite you to join us as we embrace the adventure of learning and share the responsibility for PAHS student success.

The hopes, dreams and futures of our youth are our responsibility to nurture. The cycle of growth within the communities of Gualala, Manchester, Kashia, Horicon and Point Arena will be improved and fueled by the energy of PAHS students and staff.

Together we will create the educational crown jewel of the coast which attracts and pushes students to prepare for college, career readiness and civic involvement.

Point Arena High School
270 Lake Street • P. O. Box 7
Point Arena, CA 95468
707•882•2134 Ext. 214