2017 SCHOLARSHIP DEADLINES  (Partial list)

See Brock Bannister, Academic Counselor for more information
download a printable local scholarship list


The Scholarship Programs below are accepting applications from students between May 9th to May 31st, 2017.  Please read the application instructions on the website carefully before applying.

1.  Pensters Scholarship – May 31, 2017 (1 Award – $1,000)

2. Get-Frontier Scholarship – May 31, 2017 (1 Award – $1,000)

3. Stephanie L DeGuire Foundation Scholarship – May 31, 2017 (3 Awards – $750)

4. LM Scholarship – May 31, 2017 (1 Award – $500)

5. VIP Scholarship – May 31, 2017 (1 Award – $5,000)

6. SP Scholarship – May 31, 2017 (10 Awards – $10,000)

7. YDI Scholarship – May 29, 2017 (1 Award – $1,000)

8. Review It Scholarship – June 30, 2017 (1 Award – $1,000)


The Sonoma State University Scholarship Program offers scholarships ranging from $250 – $3,750 per year. Visit



PG&E awards over $250,000 in scholarships every year. For more information visit 

The Christermon Foundation is offering various scholarships. Students must be affiliated with the California licensed beverage industry through a parent or grandparent’s current full-time employment with a business holding a liquor license. For more information visit



The Italian Catholic Federation** is offering several $400 scholarships to graduating seniors. For more informationvisit                       

Rotary Club of Gualala – two year scholarships of $3,000 ($6,000 over 2 years).

Bailey Family Foundation Scholarship
High School seniors who have a financial need and have demonstrated scholastic achievement and a dedication to community service. $5,000 renewable scholarships up to 4 years. Deadline: March 15th. More info at

Italian Catholic Federation Scholarship is offering $400 to graduating seniors who are roman catholic and of Italian descent with at least a 3/2 GPA. Deadline: March 15th 2017

Marie A. Calderilla Scholarship: Silicon Valley Community Foundation
is offering twenty (20) $20,000 awards to graduating high school seniors planning to attend a college in San Mateo Community College District (Canada College, San Mateo Community College and Skyline Community College). Deadline: March 23rd

Stifel, The Fabric of Society scholarshipOffers one $2,000 scholarship, due March 27.

Jerry Juhl Fund for the Arts* is offering $2500 to seniors from Mendocino, Fort Bragg and Point Arena High School who plan to study the preforming arts and design in college. Deadline: March 30th 2017.

The Skye Scholarship Fund* is offering $4000 over 4 years ($1000 a year) to graduates from Mendocino County high schools who plan to attend an accredited and or licensed vocational school, community college or 4 year college/university. Deadline: March 30th 2017.

Jesse Pittman Memorial Scholarship Fund* is offering at least $1000 to a Mendocino County high school senior. Deadline: March 30th 2017.

Mendocino Agricultural Families’ Scholarship Fund* is offering $8,000 over 4 years (2,000 a year) to Mendocino County high school seniors who are children of guardians who work in agriculture in Mendocino County ( wine, timber, ranching, farming, dairy). Deadline: March 30th 2017

California Retired Teachers Association Division 55 Hilmer Finne Music Scholarship Fund* is awarding $1000 to a Mendocino County public high school senior who plans to attend college to pursue a career in music. Deadline: March 30th 2017.

California Retired Teachers Association Division 55 Bessie Scott Scholarship Fund* is awarding $1000 to a Mendocino County public high school senior who plans to attend college to study education. Deadline: March 30th 2017.

The California Association of Collectors** is offering three scholarships (1) $2,500.00, (1) $2,000.00 and (1) $1,500.00 to graduating seniors and High School Juniors. Students must write 700-1000 word essay on “The Importance of Establishing and Maintaining Good Financial Credit During Your College Years.” Deadline: March 30th 2017. For more information

James G. Cummings Foundation – Offers three scholarships of $8,000 each, due March 31.

Mendocino County Youth Project/ Jim Levine Legacy Scholarship Graduating High School Seniors from high schools within Mendocino County are invited to apply for the Jim Levine Legacy Scholarships.  Criteria for successful applicants must include an essay detailing a personal, educational or family challenge that was overcome in order for them to finish high school and apply to and be accepted at an accredited college, university or vocational school. Deadline early spring.



Druidic Scholarship Award is offering (20) $2,000 scholarships to Graduating Seniors. Deadline: April 1st 2017. NOTE: Need letter of recommendation from local Druid member. Return application to Brock Bannister or Ana Mathis and they will obtain letter for you.

Gualala Arts Young Artist Scholarship 2017 is awarding $2,000 to graduating seniors who are residents of Gualala Arts region from Fort Ross to Elk. Students active in and committed to continuing their studies and pursue a career in art are encouraged to apply. Deadline: April 3rd 2017.

Knights of Columbus** is pleased to offer an educational grant of $1,000 to a PAHS senior. 

The North Coast Section Foundation Scholarship** is offering six $1,000 scholarships to student athletes who qualify. 

The Robert Miller Scholarships are available to graduating seniors who plan to attend Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo ($1,000) or Alan Hacock Community College ($500). For more information visit                              

The California Wine Grape Growers Foundation** is offering two $8,000 scholarships to students planning to attend a CSU or UC, and four $2,000 scholarships to students planning to attend a California Community College. The student’s parents or legal guardians must be employed by a California Grape Wine Grower. Visit 

Joshua Perez Memorial Scholarship – Offering one $500 scholarship, due April 10



Gualala Community Center Scholarship Program is offering $1,000 to two graduating seniors living in the coastal corridor between Manchester and Timber Cove. Deadline: May 1st 2017.

Matter of Life & Dead Scholarship sponsored by Compassion & Choices of Northern California is offering $500 to a high school junior or senior. Deadline: May 1st

Mendocino County Deputy Sheriff’s Association** is offering three $500 and one $1,500 scholarships. 

Warren Jones Memorial CITYART Scholarship application is available online. $500 in scholarship funds is available to graduating high school seniors who attend school in Southern Mendocino County (including homeschool students) and are interested in furthering art studies or pursuing careers in the arts.  The goal of the Warren Jones Memorial CITYART Scholarship is to acknowledge students with outstanding art talent and to aid them in further study in their field. Art is broadly defined to include painting, sculpture, music, drama, dance, writing, performance, media, film and/or video. Applications for the scholarship can be downloaded at  Scholarship applications must be completed by May 22, 2017.

Point Arena Lighthouse – $ 2,000 scholarship 

Gualala Lions Club – 2, $2,000 scholarship, due May 1.

Geysers Geothermal Association – Fred Haley Memorial Scholarship. $5,000 Higher consideration for those students and or families that have been involved with or been significantly involved with The Geysers geothermal facilities. More information.



The curated portal and contains the best scholarships available to the largest number of students that are sleep specific, related to fields in public health, or are specific to underrepresented groups (minorities, women and LGBTQ to name a few). They also have a listing of the most useful financial aid resources available on the web for students, making this resource a one stop shop for students looking for up-to-date financial aid information.




A)   Students are responsible for mailing application and all materials required.

B)   Letters of recommendation must be requested at least 1 week in advance.

C)   If the scholarship requires ACT and/or SAT scores log on to your account and print them.

D) * Indicates that a 2017 South Coast online application, including a high school transcript and two letters of recommendation are required.

Do not procrastinate!  Keep track of deadlines.  Submitting your application in a timely fashion will reduce your stress and show the donors that this is important to you!