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Marijuana and the Teen Brain:  A Community Forum

How do we hold informed and useful conversations about Marijuana with our children?

What does the latest research say, without the hype?

On Thursday, November 19, 2015, 7:00pm, at the Point Arena High School Auditorium, Ralph Cantor will talk at an open forum about marijuana and the teen brain.

Mr. Cantor takes an informative, non-judgmental, science-based perspective regarding the impact of drugs and alcohol on the brain.  He will talk about marijuana and the adolescent brain and facilitate an open forum to discuss people’s concerns, views, thoughts and opinions about marijuana use by teens in our community.

This is not a forum to debate the pros and cons of marijuana, its legalization, its medicinal value, or a forum for political opinions.

It is for parents, school personnel, teenagers and other community members to allow for an uncharged, informative discussion about marijuana and our youth. It is time to move past the controversy from both sides to give room for a more unbiased and responsible voice as to how we want to address marijuana when it comes to our youth.

Ralph Cantor has been in public education for over 40 years as a teacher, counselor, and administrator with expertise in the prevention of substance abuse and violence with school age students. He is presently doing drug prevention education in high school classrooms; talking with parents; and training school personnel throughout Northern California focusing on Marijuana, Alcohol and Teenagers. Mr. Cantor has been to other parts of Mendocino County a number of times talking with our teens, teachers, counselors, and parents about marijuana and been well received by students.

Spanish translation will be available at this event.

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Ralph Cantor

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